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Apam Marmar


Apam marmar ni dah di buat pada 5/5 yang lepas lagi. Tapi itulah, baru nak di masukkan entinya. Apapun, untuk kesekian kalinya, resepi di ambil dari blog Mamafami yang memang macam2 adaa tu.. thanks again, for your lovely recipe. Just copy n paste here. But then, the appearance, of course..haha.. but never judge the apam by its cover… hehe..rasanya kena steam lagi lama, sebab dia tak mekar mcm mamafami buat, maklumla kukus pakai periuk jer.. tapi kan, walaupun ghupamu begitu, namun rasamu tetap gebu, lembut2 gitu.

APAM MARMAR                                                                               
Source: Mamafami
Ingredients : (Size 8 inch chiffon tin)

250 g self raising flour
200 ml coconut milk
170 g castor sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon ovallette
a pinch of salt
Food coloring, green, pink, yellow

Method :

1. Place all the ingredients except food coloring in a mixing bowl.
2. Beat on low speed till the ingredients are well incorporated.
3. Increast to high speed and beat till fluffy and thick.
4. Divide to 4 portions. Add color to the 3 portions and leave the other one plain.
5. Grease the tin with butter. Spoon each color on top of the other. Repeat till all the mixture have been used.
6. Steam for 45 minutes.
7. Leave to cool before cutting.

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